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07.23.10 - Narda Microwave Revamps Their Entire Product Catalog, Creating the First Fully Online Version in Their Entire History PDF Print E-mail

After being approached by Narda with the challenge of updating their seven years out-of-date catalog, Presentations Plus came back with a highly innovative idea…the creation of an entirely new on-line catalog that could be updated and printed on the fly!

Because many of the engineers and purchasing agents that use Narda components are still more comfortable with a traditional printed catalog, we opted to do BOTH. The new Narda Catalog 31, in it’s digital form, has the advantage of being updatable on a day-to-day basis if needed.

Moving forward, the new catalog will be a dynamic document that will change as quickly as the market place and product line requires, while offering the ability to be printed in it’s entirety, section by section, or one page at a time, as desired.