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07.13.10 - Pall Corp Goes to SemiCon West 2010 Trade Show With A Huge 30 Ft. x 30 Ft. Booth…Their Most Ambitious To Date PDF Print E-mail

On the cusp of a very successful year, Pall Corp’s Microelectronics division decided to go all out and have a big representation at the 2010 SemiCon West trade show in San Francisco.

Presentations Plus, Pall’s marketing partner for nearly 25 years, was chosen to head up the enormous undertaking. Besides creating a series of 7 presentations and coordinated graphics for the various sub-divisions represented, PPlus also took on the task of designing and engineering the 30 x 30 exhibit space.

By working with their structural partner, Expo Displays, Presentations Plus was able to come up with a custom design that was completely modular and able to be reconfigured for smaller space shows or even broken up into multiple modules for use in separate locations.

The final show was a huge success for all involved, generating many new business leads and creating a powerful marketing tool that will enjoy many years of future use.